Suddenly going virtual with your business?

Has your business suddenly gone virtual with all that is going on in the world?

We don’t need to go into details about what is happening out there right now. But if you are reading this few months later. This was written during the pandemic of 2020 when thousands suddenly found themselves trying to navigate the online world within weeks in order to keep their business going.

Welcome to the online world! We are a bunch of fearless crazies here and we love it! We support each other like crazy and know that there is space for you too. Welcome to the unlimited world of potential.

So first off, you will need a way to communicate with your current clients quickly. And be sure to set your boundaries about when they can and can’t contact you right away. This is no longer an office hours world anymore. And if you don’t set boundaries right away you will be called upon 24/7 and it will become mentally draining.

Zoom is one of the best conference and video meeting tools I have used. It’s used friendly you don’t have to pay to use it unless you want to upgrade your services and it links with iCal, google and other preferred scheduling tools.

If you need a booking tool Acuity is great and has many upgrade features and works with lots of partners.

Mail chimp or Convert kit are great for getting emails out to your clients to update them on how things will be working now, and automatically sending out mass emails, appointment reminders, or follow-ups. if you don’t already have a website but need to get one up quickly. is one of the most user friendly. (and no need to know code or be techy) You can add online booking, email marketing and much more right from the site dashboard. There is costs to putting up a website of course but Wix has hosting and SSL and domain packages at great rates and you super easy to connect and get live ASAP.

If you are looking to work with a team virtually project management tools like Trello or Click Up are great and work with outside partners like Google docs and drive. You can converse with the team inside the projects and add documents, images, timelines, due dates, etc. Keeping everyone up to date and working together.

Social media is a whole nother ball game on its own. It is likely you have already been using social media but if you want to keep bringing in new clients and leads then this where your gonna have to go searching for a bit. Of course, keep to any traditional advertising you are doing as well.

Some quick tools for social media are is my favourite scheduling tool. But it doesn’t connect to LinkedIn so if you are looking to schedule there you need to look up of Hootsuite. I am testing out the ever so popular tailwind right now so I will have to update you on that one later on.

And last but not least. - this has become a tool that I am using daily. As graphic designer I create mostly on the Adobe programs and love them dearly but Canva is great from creating quick social media posts, ads or flyers. They have lots of templates and it is very easy to use. If you need to add text or want to spruce up your posts or even create a document with some images Canva is where you need to go.

I hope this is helpful and please remember this is my opinion from years of testing all kinds of software and apps to help streamline not only my business but others. If you have any questions please comment below and if you are feeling lost in the new online world, know that you're not alone. And if you need help or want to book a call I’d be more the. Happy to help guide you to getting your business moving online?

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