SEO is more than just keywords

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Yes there are the much needed usual ways to optimize your website like the following! (If you haven’t done this go through this list and get them done!)

Optimize photos by adding alternate text and keywords
Optimize pages buy adding descriptions, titles with keywords, and where possible share image
Optimize your site search by linking your google business profile and making sure it is filled out as much as possible.
Optimize the site itself by making sure it has a description, proper name and links

But SEO especially if you are looking for an organic reach you need to have more than just the above list. You need to be bringing traffic to your site from other outside sources. Like a blog or vlog (YouTube channel), podcast or social media.

These are often referred to as funnels and I know for some the word funnel sounds scary or scammy… but it is truly needed if you are building online business. The more traffic your site has the more likely you are of course going to convert lead to paying clients or customers.

With a blog or vlog you can reach many more people that are looking for what you are selling. Instead of running ads to people that might buy, you are bringing in people that have already had a touch point with you. By them reading or watching a post. (Much like you are doing now) and then they hit your site where they find more information on the subject, then they see that you can help them get to what they want faster and you. Once they have gone through the funnel (blog post, to next blog, to landing page of site) the lead will either save the site, go follow you on social or purchase the item needed.

The more people visiting your site, the higher search engines (google, bing, Pinterest) will rank your site in searches. But here is the kicker. If you haven’t optimized the items in the above list they won’t think you're playing seriously so make sure you have both the keywords, alt text and the funnel. Otherwise you are working solely off word of mouth which isn’t a bad thing but it isn’t within your control.

If your website isn't getting much traffic that book a call and let see where we can grow your influence.

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