Stop Giving It All Away!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We all know of the pandemic crisis and “all the things” that are coming along with it. I understand that there will be businesses that suffer and unfortunately some that may close.

But if you are growing your business online you shouldn’t be worried at all. Your business is already virtual. If it isn’t, NOW is the time to test the waters. Start offering meetings, group calls and recording content now. Start sharing more TODAY!

My biggest beef right now that I am noticing and do not agree with at all. Is that since the pandemic has started the more and more cancellations and closures happen. The trend online for many of the online businesses I follow is that they are starting to hugely discount or give courses and content away for free!!!!

“Why are these people all of a sudden giving their paid content away for free?”

I understand doing a free 3 day challenge or 2 week growing point group. But if you are an online entrepreneur DO NOT I repeat DO NOT start giving away your courses or content away at huge discounts or free just because people aren’t working at the moment and you think no one can afford it. If they weren’t buying it before, they won’t take it seriously now. And they most likely won’t pay for anything once things get back on track.

In other worlds you are only attracting your ideal clients, you are only bringing in people that are bored or may be interested, but still aren’t in the market to take the big leap. So STOP NOW! These are not the people you want wasting your time.

If they are ready and have decided in the time of uncertainty that they need your services they will pay you your worth! Don’t bring worth down because of all the panic and fear going around. Be strong and continue to show your knowledge, strength and fearlessness by staying on track and promoting as usual and encourage others to do the same.

This wave of closures and cancellations will have so many people turning to the online world. Be one of those that can say “ I was here before everyone started doing things this way” and continue to stand out and grow your business stronger.

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