Hi, I'm Becc. I'm a Marketing Technology Consultant helping small-town businesses grow online.

I work with my clients closely on a month to month basis usually starting with their website and then building on their content marketing in the best way suited for them and their business to drive traffic to their website. Because SEO is never done and your business should always be bringing in leads even when you're not online. 



I am currently working with a client to grow their Youtube channel, and do their print, promotional and social media. I have another client that I run email and social media for an online store we created for them. These are just two examples of how different each company can be. I want to make sure I am giving my full attention to your needs!


Everyone's business skills are different. Some can do great on social media and not have a website that sells so they go broke. Some have a website but don't have a secondary marketing source to drive traffic to the site where they sell their services. I can show them which software and app to use to make it all flow.


Working with you on a one on one, monthly basis to get your business on track growing an audience, building content or launching a new fresh website. Once we have met and gone over your business plans and the marketing strategies needed we get to work.  With people so busy these days it often takes 3 touchpoints to make a sale. And you have less than 8 seconds to make an impact. So it takes time and planning.


  • Contract and Payment is done on a monthly basis and is set on estimated work involved

  • Services are catered to your marketing plan

  • We work together until you are confident to take control. 


I offer 3 levels of website packages. So you can start small and work your way to a bigger site. The website is built on the Wix platform as I have found it the most user-friendly. This way you can manage your site on your own once we get you rolling. Because SEO doesn't stop and website without any outer marketing funnels won't see as much traffic. But I can help you with all that too!


"I appreciate that I can just ask you to put together our crew's workwear, while we meet about the website and building our YouTube channel."